Live stream your interactive events


Manage, broadcast and monetize your videos and live events.
Interact with your teams, customers and prospects: events, webinars, webcasts, podcasts, interactive live broadcasts on the internet.

Integrated mobile/Twitter interaction

Our interactive tool allows your audience to react during your live broadcasts

Simplified interface

All your interactive content is displayed in a timeline that doesn’t disrupt your video feed

Share additional content

Share all kinds of additional content: presentations, text documents, photos, videos, websites, etc.

Live streaming

Live stream your events on your WebTV, your site, or the page of your choice

Record and publish immediately

Record your live broadcast so you can publish it to your WebTV right when you’re done recording

Works on all devices

Smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer: our player works on any device

Interactive solutions for your events


Live questions, reactions, tweets

Allow your public to interact and ask questions during your event: no app installation required

Send live photos/selfies

Allow your viewers to interact by sending photos - create a bond with your audience

Live tweet/social wall

Display all the tweets posted with your official hashtag, filter with a moderation tool


Ask your audience their opinion, view results immediately or later on

Interactive screen

Increase audience participation by displaying all the interactive content on a large screen


Offer all your interactive features in a webapp: your audience won’t need to download an app!


For all your events, we can offer you a full recording + streaming service adapted to your needs and your budget.

We also offer studios that are fully equipped and ready for filming.

For more information or for an estimate:


We know that video communication can be a challenge for companies. That’s why we provide you with our time and expertise, and assist you in setting up your projects.

Whatever your goals, we will do all we can to ensure that your broadcasts are produced in the best conditions.

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